Welcome to my author website! Here you will find devotionals, stories, and poems about the seemingly insignificant people and commonplace events of life that impact us in a profound way.


Some of these stories are set in 1960s rural Auburn, Illinois—my hometown. Others are more recent. They focus on "ordinary" people I have known and loved. They spotlight unremarkable moments that affected me for a lifetime.

Here you will find lighthearted accounts of raising sparrows, ice skating on a country creek, and outwitting farm cows. You will read about schoolteachers, gardeners, ladybugs, cats, and grandmothers. You will also find soul-wrenching stories about heartaches and deaths. Here, you will find the hope within the beautiful simplicity of God’s creation.

These stories seek to identify the universal within the commonplace, the larger plan within the daily, and the great among the humble. Their aim is to spread hope by sharing the powerful—yet often sublime—lessons of ordinary people and our extraordinary God.

Cammie's Mom

I am happy to include a few pieces written by my mother, Florence Corlas. She, too, grew up in Auburn and understood the intrinsic worth of the land and the people she loved for 74 years.

You will also find a description of my 2023 novel, Follow the Wind Home, which was released on July 18, 2023. Like my shorter pieces, it celebrates the "small" wonders of God's creation that surround us every day. Set in Springfield, Illinois during the Civil War, it is an enjoyable story that offers a message of hope for those who have suffered the loss of beloved people and homes.

May these devotionals, stories, and poems open your eyes to God's presence in the world around you and give you renewed hope for your journey on this Earth.